Do you have group camp sites available?


We understand the desire of our guests to have sites that are next to each other when they camp.  For two families, we can usually accommodate sites that are very close, if not next to each other. However, due to the sizes and a limited number of sites, we do not guarantee site numbers until check-in. We will do our very best to ensure that you are either next to or very close to others in your group.

Groups of Three:

For groups of three, we have one group camping area that forms a triangle.  Two of the sites are Full-Hookup and the third site is Water/Electric.  These sites form a triangle and have a fire pit in the middle of the triangle.  This area is also secluded from much of the other camp sites which offers added privacy.

Groups of Seven or more:

For groups of seven, Hi-Tide offers the ultimate camping experience.  We have 7 campsites that form a circle that is within steps of The Lake @ Hi-Tide. Each site is Water/Electric and has a picnic table.  There is a very large charcoal grill for use by Circle campers and a large fire pit in the middle. 

What time does The Lake @ Hi-Tide close for campers?


The Lake @ Hi-Tide is open for campers from 9am to dusk each day.

Do you have discounted prices for children?


All guests at Hi-Tide must pay the daily rate.  The only exception is that children 2 and under are free.

Are there residents at your place that leave their trailer year round?


Yes, we have seasonal sites.  For members that have seasonal sites, they do leave their campers on their lots all year round.  However, use of the campground is only available April through October.

Can seasonal campsites remove and return their trailers year round?


Unfortunately, due to ground conditions and access to the campground in the winter, Hi-Tide limits the dates that campers can remove the camper from the campground. These dates vary each year depending on weather conditions.

If you camp is the charges for the lake and pool included or is everything separate?


For campers, The Lake @ Hi-Tide and all of the water toys are free to use.  To prevent overcrowding and to maintain a clean pool, there is a $1 charge per person per day to use the pool.

Do you offer a discount for orders of large amounts of fire wood?


We offer a Fire Wood Crate for $100.  The crate must be ordered ahead of time and will be delivered to your site shortly after check-in.


Are dogs allowed in the cabins?


Yes, we allow dogs to stay in the cabins.

Are the two cabins secluded in the back by creek?


Yes, there are two tent sites behind the cabins, but other than that, they are off by themselves.

Do the cabins have mini-refrigerators?


No, the cabins do not have refrigerators available.

Daily Passes & Season Passes

Do you have to be a member to swim at The Lake @ Hi-Tide?


No, Hi-Tide is open to the public from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. We offer both daily passes and season passes for guests that only want to use the lake and don't want to camp. 

Do you have picnic grounds for daily visitors?


Yes, Hi-Tide has picnic areas available.  Picnic tables are first come first serve. We recommend that you come early in the day if you want to picnic table, especially if you want one near a charcoal grill!

How old do children need to be to swim at The Lake @ Hi-Tide?


Children of all ages are welcome to use the beach and shallow end of the lake as designated by water buoys.  Children 6 and older are allowed to use the water toys in the deep end of the lake.  However, if your child is under 50 lbs, we require that an adult be in the water with the child.  The only exception to the use of the water toys is the Ice Berg is only open to children 10 and older.

Please note: all children under the age of 13 must wear a life vest to use The Lake @ Hi-Tide.

The Lake @ Hi-Tide

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General Questions

Heading out today for day pass what forms of payment do you accept?


When coming in for a day pass, we will accept cash, check or credit cards.  Please note that there is a $10 minimum for credit card charges.

For convenience, we have an ATM in The Store @ Hi-Tide

What are your hours for daily passes?


For daily passes, Hi-Tide is open from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week.  Hi-Tide opens for daily passes in April and closes for the season in October.

How much do you charge for life vest rentals?


Life vests are available for rent at The Store @ Hi-Tide.  The cost to rent the vest is $5 per day.  A valid ID is required to rent life vests.

How is the fishing at Hi-Tide? Do you need a permit to fish?


Fishing at Hi-Tide is very good.  The Lake @ Hi-Tide is catch and release.  Guests also fish in the creek, although a fishing license is required to fish in the creek.