Heading out today for day pass what forms of payment do you accept?


When coming in for a day pass, we will accept cash, check or credit cards.  Please note that there is a $10 minimum for credit card charges.

For convenience, we have an ATM in The Store @ Hi-Tide

What are your hours for daily passes?


For daily passes, Hi-Tide is open from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week.  Hi-Tide opens for daily passes in April and closes for the season in October.

How much do you charge for life vest rentals?


Life vests are available for rent at The Store @ Hi-Tide.  The cost to rent the vest is $5 per day.  A valid ID is required to rent life vests.

How is the fishing at Hi-Tide? Do you need a permit to fish?


Fishing at Hi-Tide is very good.  The Lake @ Hi-Tide is catch and release.  Guests also fish in the creek, although a fishing license is required to fish in the creek.