The Lake @ Hi-Tide is perfect for the entire family!  If you're looking for local kids activitiesnear Sandwich, Illinois , this is the place to be!  

Younger kids will enjoy the smooth sandy beach and shallow area of the lake, while the older kids enjoy large water toys that will keep them entertained all day long!  The easy way to keep your kids off heir electronics!  They will be to busy having fun on the lake, they won't even think about phones or i-pods! 

Come make memories that will last a life time!

The Beach @ Hi-Tide

The Beach @ Hi-Tide offers you the chance to relax in the sun while your kids play in the sand or in the water.  Perfect for younger children to build sand castles walk on the Moonwalk!  

The Beach Features

  • Soft sandy beach perfect for laying out or making sand castles
  • The Moonwalk - Ages 12 and under
  • A small slide
  • Floating Lilly Pads for the small kids
  • Shallow water for kids to splash and play

The Water Park @ Hi-Tide

For the older kids (ages 7 and older), we give you The Water Park @ Hi-Tide (Life vests required for children 12 and under).

Come climb the 15 foot ice berg and slide off the other side as you plummet into the water. Challenge your family and friends to a log roll competition, spin on one of two giant rocket balls, and jump on our large trampolines!

The Beach Features

  • The Ice Berg - A 15 foot climbing wall
  • Two Large Water Trampolines
  • 1 Large Slide (off one of the trampolines)
  • 1 Launching Pillow (off one of the trampolines)
  • A Log Roll
  • Two Rocket Balls