DAY SWIMMERS :  We are open everyday from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10 am-6 pm for day guests. Everyone must come inside to pay the day fee and get wrist band. You can also rent life vest for $5.00 with ID.


Campers :

Alcohol / Drug Use: Alcohol may be consumed by those over 21 years of age (state law) in a responsible manner. Intoxication is prohibited. Campers engaged in such behavior will be expelled from the Park. Illicit drugs are prohibited and the County Sheriff will deal with violators. You will be expelled from the Park.

Camping / Vehicle Registration: Each registration includes one camping unit, one car, and one family.  (A family is mom, dad and 4 dependent children ( under 18). All vehicles must have a car pass hanging on their rear view mirror to be admitted to the Park.  Only one vehicles may be parked on the site at one time. Camping units and vehicles may not be washed on your site or within the Park at any time. Extra cars must be parked in our parking lot.  Only one vehicle per site will be allowed . Check-in is at 3:00 p.m.  and check-out is at 11:00 a.m.

Campsite/Environment: Keep your site clean and neat.  Respect your neighbors and do not cut through their site or remove items from the sites.  Respect the property line and our neighbors by not crossing the fences.  Please keep grills off the picnic tables, as they tend to burn the tabletops.  Knives, lanterns, and axes should not be placed in or on trees, or in the picnic tables.  Please do not carve in trees or picnic tables.  Any items left behind on a site becomes the property of the Park and will be disposed of as necessary.

Children:  Should know and abide by all Park rules.  Children are the sole responsibility of their parents and as such will be held accountable for their child(ren)’s actions and behavior within the park.  Children are not to be left alone in the park.  No one without adult supervision can swim under the age of 16.  Anyone 12 and under needs life vest to play on water toys in lake. Please bring them if you have them, or we rent them for $5.00 per day.

Comfort Stations:  Bathrooms are for the use of park campers and visitors.  Please assist us with maintaining their cleanliness by picking up after yourselves and disposing of paper or personal hygiene products properly.  Do not do your dishes or laundry in the sinks.  If there is a problem please let us know in the store so we may address the problem immediately.  Smoking is prohibited in the bathrooms.

Dump Station:  Is for our guests use, located by the exit gate.

Fires:  Fires must not be left unattended when you leave your site or retire for the night.  Fires must be built in the fire rings provided. Fire rings must NOT be moved for any reason. There is a $25.00 charge for moving fire rings.

Firewood:  Firewood is available for purchase at the store daily.  Please do NOT chop on any standing or downed tree.  Please do NOT burn pressure treated lumber or railroad ties.  The chemicals used in these materials are hazardous when burned. No Firewood is allowed to be brought in.

Fireworks/Explosives:  Fireworks and explosives of all kinds are prohibited by State Law and will not be permitted on the campground premises.

Garbage:  Covered dumpsters have been placed at the exit.  All garbage must be placed in the dumpster and the covers closed.  As garbage left out overnight attracts critters, please make sure all garbage is disposed of properly.

Golf Carts:  Golf carts are for the exclusive use by the staff.  They are not available for use by guests.  Please do not ride on a cart unless instructed by management.

Early Check-In/Out : If you check-in before Noon, there will be a $8.00 per person charge for a day fee to use the park early. If you check-in between Noon- before 3 p.m. it’s a $10.00 fee for early check in. New policy No Late Check out. If staying past 11 am you must pay for another day.

Guests of Campers :  All day visitors must register at the store before going into the park.  Day visitors are allowed between 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and must leave by 10:00 p.m.  Each guess will be charged Day Fee.  This entitles them to the use of the park facilities.  Each vehicle must park in the parking lot.  All visitors must obey the park rules and policies.  They may only be present when you are here.  You are responsible for your guest’s behavior.

Guests ( Overnight) : You are permitted to have overnight guests that stay in your unit.  The cost per person per night is $8.00.  Overnight guests must have a vehicle pass that can be picked up upon guests registration at the store.  Overnight guests that set up another unit on your site must register as a camper and pay the per family primitive site fee.

Motorcycles/Bicycles:  Motorcycles are permitted for in and out transportation only.  Joy riding around the park in NOT permitted.  Bicycles may be used around the park, but must be kept on your site after dark.  ATV’s, mini-bikes scooters, and snowmobiles are prohibited in the park.

Personal Safety/Property:  This Park is NOT responsible or liable for personal safety or property, inclusive of your camper, it’s contents, your auto, truck or any other personal property while on the premises, or for any act of nature.  The guest assumes all risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in a rustic outdoors environment including specifically ( but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by insects or other animals, of being injured while participating in recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, or boating at the campground or of being injured as a result of inclement weather conditions.  The guest agrees that the Campground and owners, agents, and employees are not liable for injuries or property damages resulting from such causes.

Pets:  Your pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash, under your control at all times.  Do not disturb others with their barking or whining, you clean up after them, and they are not left alone in the Park.  Pets are not permitted in the store, bathrooms, laundry room, pool, playground, lake, or sand beach (State Law).  Any aggressive or noisy pets must be removed from the park.  Dog runs and outside cages are not permitted.

Photographs:  Entrance onto the campground property constitutes permission for the management of Hi-Tide Beach & Campground to photograph the person while on the premises, and to use any resulting pictures for any lawful purpose without compensation to, or the permission of, the person.  Our typical use is on web pages and at our show displays.

Propane:  Propane tanks may be exchanged at the store.  Tanks must be in good working order.  Have safety valve on them.  And current inspection date on them.

Quiet Hours:  This is the time when radios and TV’s are turned off, and conversations should not be heard outside of your campsite.  The quiet hours begin at 11 p.m. and end at 7 a.m.  Anyone experiencing a problem with a noisy neighbor should contact the management at the store.

Curfew : 10 p.m.- All children under the age of 18 must either be at their campsite, or be accompanied by their parents.

Internet :  The internet service is for adults only.

Sewer Caps:  Each site that is equipped with a sewer hook-up will have a sewer cap.  Please replace the cap upon your departure, for safety and sanitary reasons.

Speed Limit is 5 miles per hour at all times:  All drivers must hold a valid driver’s license.  The speed limit is strictly enforced to protect the children playing in the park.

Swimming:  Pool and beach are to be used only during posted hours.  A RESPONSIBLE ADULT MUST ACCOMPANY any person under the age of 16 years of age, in the pool or pond.  This is an Illinois State Law.  Pets, food, and beverages are prohibited in the pool area and on the sand beach or in the pond at all times.

Weapons:  Any hunting knife, guns, bows & arrows, sling shots, BB guns or other items that may be considered a weapon are prohibited in the park.  Hunting is not permitted on the premises.

Notice to our Guests :  This property is privately owned.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone ( without refund).  Not responsible for accidents, injury or death to our guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind.  By paying the admission fee(s) the guest(s) agrees to comply with all campground rules and regulations as posted.

Lake Rules : Our lake rules are as follows, 12 and under must wear life vest past 1st buoys to play on water toys, 15 and under must have adult supervision at all times, 16 and over must use buddy system.  We rent life vest by the day for $5.00 and need ID to hold.

NO REFUNDS – if less then 30 days before you camp. Thank you!







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