For some, seasonal campsites are weekend trips.  For others, they are summer long vacations at their 2nd home.  Regardless of how you use your seasonal campsite at Hi-Tide, you'll make friends that will become more like your extended family.  Our seasonal campers literally plan their summers around camping at Hi-Tide.  

Seasonal campers enjoy perks such as discounts on firewood crates, free daily access to the beach, the lake and all the water toys.  Seasonal campers also enjoy 10 free guest passes. In addition, seasonal campers become life long friends with the other seasonal campers around them. 

Hi-tide offers two types of seasonal campsites water /sewer and Water / Sewer / Concrete Slab seasonal sites.  All seasonal sites include water and sewer, however, all electric is metered and billed to the site.

All seasonal sites include water and sewer, however, all electric is metered and billed to the site.

SiteAnnual Rate
Water / Sewer $2175
Water / Sewer / Concrete Slab $2225

Seasonal Policies

  1. All visitors must register at the office before entering the park.  Please do not take guests into the park and check-in after entering.  All visitors need wristbands.
  2. All seasonal campers get 10 free guest passes.
  3. All grandchildren are free, but must sign in.
  4. Any immediate family coming in between 5pm and 10pm are Free but must register.  These guests are limited to your campsite.
  5. All additional guests are $8 per person per day.
  6. Please order firewood from the store, not Chris.  Firewood Crates for Seasonal Campsites is $65.  Please order during the week.
  7. Adult seasonal guests can use the pool for free.  Children are $1 per day for the pool.
  8. All firewood must be ordered from the store. The seasonal rate for a crate of firewood is $65.  Please order before the weekend if possible and we will have the firewood delivered to your site.
  9. Curfew for all children under the age of 18 is 10pm.  All children must be at their campsite or in the company of their parents. 
  10. All electric bills are paid in store around the 7th of each month.  Please pay with check only, no credit cards.
  11. Seasonal campers are allowed to remain on the site year round.  However, Hi-Tide does not allow removal of campers during the winter months.