Reservation Information

For reservations call Hi-Tide at 815-495-9032 daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

When you book a reservation at Hi-Tide, we will confirm and guarantee that you will have the type of spot that you reserved. However, we do not guarantee the exact site that you will be in until you check-in. The reason for this reservation process is that we have a limited number of sites and a certain number of sites that fit certain sized campers/RV's. In order to make sure that we have everyone on a site that is comfortable for them, we spend a great deal of effort to make sure we do not have oversized campers on small lots and vice-versa.

If you are reserving with other people and want to make sure your site is next to or close to theirs, please mention this when booking and we will do everything we can to put you as close together as possible. More often than not you will be right next to each other, but sometimes you might be a site or two away.

Cancellation Policy

There is no refund for weather related cancellations. In the event of rain or flooding, we will make every effort to move people so that they can camp in comfort. On a case by case basis, we may allow for changing weekends based on availability. No refund for early departure.

Cancellation Refunds

Cancellations will only be accepted 30 days prior to reservation date. Once within the 30 days window, there are no refunds for cancellations.

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